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Detailing Guys are a mobile valeting and detailing service.

We clean and valet any type of vehicle throughout Cheshire and the Wirral we have also had the privilege of perfecting, detailing, and valeting some of the rarest, most expensive supercars. 

Detailing Guys services include everything from an Entry Level detail to Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Paint Protection treatments.

Not only do we offer our standard detailing and valeting packages, but we can also create a bespoke car care service, tailor-made to the vehicle’s requirements. Whether that is to prepare the car for sale or for a car show or Concours event.  At Detailing Guys our aim is to raise your car’s appearance to a better than showroom standard and help to maintain the vehicle’s future value.

What is ‘car detailing’?

‘Car detailing’ is a more technologically advanced and more extensive form of car valeting. It goes way beyond deep cleaning. It deals with special processes and coatings to correct paint imperfections, protect paintwork, and bring supercars to Concours conditions. 

Valeting to this standard is much more than a ‘car wash and polish’. In fact, part of our service is removing the oxidised wax and micro-scratches left from the previous ‘car wash and polish’.

With more than 15 years of experience looking after supercars and luxury vehicles, our highly skilled operatives use only the latest, high-quality cleaning products and equipment, coupled with our expert knowledge, provides astounding results.

Whether you want to protect your prestige car from premature ageing or bring it to Showroom condition for an auction or a show, Detailing Guys can provide the quality detailing and valeting bespoke service you need.


PRICES FROM £30 - CALL 01829 701 846

Full body wash, wheel facias, wheel arches, hand dried & tyres dressed
£30 applies to small vehicles. 4×4 and Vans are from £40 exterior cleans only

Our Best Selling service & Great Value for Money.
Full body wash, wheel facias, wheel arches, hand dried & tyres dressed. Vacuum interior including boot (if empty) dashboard wiped of dust, door sills wiped. Interior & exterior glass cleaned. Our mini valet also comes with a complimentary Detailing Guys air freshener.

Full body wash, wheel facias, wheel arches, hand dried & tyres dressed. Vacuum interior including boot (if empty) dashboard wiped of dust, door sills wiped. Interior & exterior glass cleaned. Hoovering, Shampooing & Wet Vac extraction of all seats. Our mini valet also comes with a complimentary Detailing Guys air freshener.

Hoovering, Shampooing & Wet Vac extraction of all seats, carpets, mats, fabric. Cleans stains & freshens all interior soft areas including leather seats washed. An ideal treatment for removing stains & unwanted odours. This service also includes a complimentary Detailing Guys air freshener.
Pricing is based on vehicle size & condition. Mini Buses, Vans & Coaches will be priced separately

Methodical detailing of the entire vehicle inside and out including interior seats, carpets and leather fully washed. Boot and engine bay cleaned. Intricate detailing of all interior surfaces, air vents, dash, doors, panels etc and entire centre console decontaminated and finished with AutoGlym polish. All glass cleaned. Exterior detail washing including wheels, arches, full-body wash, vehicle wax film applied and tyres dressed.
Pricing is based on vehicle size & condition.


PRICES FROM £120 - CALL 01829 701 846

Wheels & Body
Following our step-by-step process, our experts begin work on your vehicle’s alloys. Featuring a 2- step clean inside and outside the barrel/ rim. Then move on to apply our multipurpose cleaner and use the highest-quality brushes to remove stubborn dirt that can cause rust and rot (tyres can be chosen to be dressed at the end of the detail). Moving onto the vehicle’s body we have a 3-step process to get your car looking pristine. First, we thoroughly clean under the bonnet. Secondly, we apply a layer of Snow Foam to the entire vehicle’s exterior, followed by a rinse. Finally, our expert use a 2 bucket method to wash the vehicle, using lambs-wool mitts with a PH natural soap to reveal the best finish to your car’s wash. In the final stages, we then apply an Autoglym polish that will give your vehicle protection for up to 12 months.

Once your entry level detail is complete we highly recommend you add a ceramic finish. We have a number of ceramic products that we could apply. Please speak to our technician for more details

Ultimate Detailing for an Ultimate Finish.
Includes our Pro Plus Valet with detailed valeting, cleaning and shampooing throughout the vehicle, plus a full machine polish to remove scratches, swirl marks. Refreshes faded paint and return the paintwork to a highly glossy and restored finish. The products we use during this service are:

  • Autoglym – Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
  • Autoglym – Custom Wheel Cleaner
  • Autoglym – Rapid Aqua Wax
  • Autoglym – Fast Glass

A full machine polishing to the entire paintwork to remove and reduce paint imperfections, scratches, swirl marks, patchy & damaged paint. This helps to restore the paint & return your vehicle to a glossy and highly waxed condition. The service includes a full outside valet and wax finish after the machine polishing. Prices per panel are available if you don’t need the whole car machine polished.

  • Autoglym – Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
  • Autoglym – Custom Wheel Cleaner
  • Autoglym – Rapid Aqua Wax
  • Autoglym – Fast Glass
  • Autoglym – Ultra High Definition Compound Kit
  • Autoglym – Ultra High Definition Shampoo
  • Autoglym – Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating
  • Autoglym – Ultra High Definition Wax

Ceramic Coating - 50% Off


    Detail Guys use leading Ceramic Coating Products in the car care industry. We ensure that you receive the best ceramic coating products available for your vehicle and application.
    Your vehicle required a Mini-Detail before we can apply any ceramic coating.

    This is a fully mobile service and we come to you.

    Benefits of Ceramic Coating
    Coatings significantly reduces surface hazing
    Resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 to pH13
    Tolerates extreme temperatures from - 40℃ up to 250℃
    Delivers exceptional UV protection and prevents premature dulling
    Desirable and eye-catching gloss finish
    Auto Glym Ceramic Coating

    Firstly your vehicle is sprayed with a PH Neutral snow foam and left to dwell, this will start to break down dirt contaminants on the paint.
    Your vehicle is then pressure washed to rinse off the snow foam and majority of dirt will be removed to minimise swirl marks when washed.

    Using a separate bucket, door shuts and wheel arches are then cleaned, along with the alloys and insides of wheels which are cleaned with acid-free wheel cleaner.

    Liquid decontamination and rinse

    Next, there is a multi-stage two bucket wash using a wash mitt, each panel is washed with PH neutral shampoo, the mitt is then rinsed between panels in a clean bucket of water with a grit guard to minimise paint damage.

    Your vehicle is then rinsed and dried using Soft plush micro-fibre towels and air blower.

    Panels prepped and Auto Glym Ceramic Coating is applied

    Finally interior / exterior glass is cleaned and tyres are dressed.

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  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) CALL FOR PRICE

    Paint protection film (PPF) is a polyurethane film that is applied to your vehicle's numerous surfaces. The film functions as a barrier that rests on top of the original finish of a vehicle and protects it from stone chipping, insect acids, paint swirls, and bird droppings.

    These films are recommended to be applied to new vehicles and supercars to protect the future value of the vehicle

    We work with a 5 Star Rated partner, please call for a price.

    We offer full PPF wraps and extended wrap kits protecting parts of the vehicle most susceptible to stone chips.

    When compared to a pricey bodyshop repair, application is a more cost-effective and time-efficient technique. Its use will not detract from the natural appearance of your original paintwork.

    We can protect any car with our various paint protection film types ranging from satin to gloss.

Detailing Guys Gift Card 30

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Can’t think of what to buy for a loved one or family friend for Christmas this year? Does their car need a good clean? Well, why not buy a “Valet Gift Voucher”!

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